Patchouli Oil

Patchouli Oil

Known to be sensual, warm and earthy, Patchouli Oil has also a wide range of uses to restore your body.
In traditional aromatherapy, the oil is used:

  • To relieve minor wounds, cracked and dry skin
  • To help relieve athlete’s foot
  • As an aphrodisiac


Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your healthcare professional.

  • 100% pure. Free from SLS, parabens, synthetics and fillers, guaranteeing unaltered pure oil
  • Steam distilled from the leaves of the Patchouli plant Pogostemon cablin, a bushy herb of the mint family


Directions for Use
  • To relieve minor wounds, cracked and dry skin - Apply directly with cotton bud or dilute 5 drops (1/4mL) in a 10mL carrier oil.
  • To help relieve athlete’s foot - Add 5 drops (1/4mL) to 10mL of carrier oil or add 5 drops to footbath water.
  • As an aphrodisiac - Add 5 drops (1/4 mL) to water in an oil burner or add 5 drops (1/4mL) in 10 mL of carrier oil

 For external use only.  Keep out of reach of children . Discontinue use if sensitivity occurs.
Do not use:

  • While pregnant or breast-feeding without medical supervision
  • Near eyes. Seek medical attention if contact occurs
  • On children under 2 years old
  • Undiluted on children under 12 years old. Skin patch test prior to use
Pack Sizes
Product name
Patchouli Oil - 13ml
Active Ingredients
  • Pogostemon cablin leaf essential oil 1 mL /mL

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