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Thank you for accessing the Thursday Plantation Retail Website (“Site”) owned by Integria Healthcare, Inc., and operated by Market Solutions Inc (together, the “website owner”). The following Terms and Conditions govern your use of this website.


Authorized Use

The sole purpose of this website is to facilitate the online placement of purchase orders for Thursday Plantation products by retailers. By applying for a retailer account, you represent and warrant to the website owner that you are the retailer identified in your application (“your retailer”) or as the authorized representative of your retailer. Furthermore, you represent and warrant that you will only use or allow the use of your account to place purchase orders for your retailer. You also represent and warrant that you are not a “consumer” as defined by any state or federal law and that you are purchasing Thursday Plantation goods for resale by your retailer. Any other use of this website by you is unauthorized use of this website.


Your Information

Facilitating online transactions involves obtaining and exchanging information between the website owners, warehouses, financial institutions and other transaction services, website hosting, cloud services, collections, credit reporting, and other organizations as well as their employees, contractors, and agents. By providing information to the website owners (including financial information), you represent and warrant that you are legally entitled to and authorized by your retailer to disclose that information for such purposes. You also represent and warrant that you are authorized to permit the website owners and their contractors to obtain information about your retailer for such purposes. The website owners facilitate the delivery of a variety of products and services offered to retailers, sometimes through third parties. By providing your retailer’s information, you represent and warrant that the website owners may use and disclose the information you provide, in relation to offering you other products and services. You acknowledge and agree that the information provided by you is provided for all purposes and that the website owners will be authorized to use it for all purposes, provided that the website owners will make commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality and security of your financial information and upon learning of a disclosure will timely notify you of any inadvertent disclosure of, or security breach resulting in the disclosure of, such information.

Some further examples and explanations are included in our privacy policy.



If you do not wish to allow the uses of information stated in the preceding paragraph on “Your Information,” please contact 1-877-353-3751 orinfo@thursdayplantationwholesale.com for an alternative method to place purchase orders for your retailer.



By providing information to us, you are authorizing us to, and acknowledge and agree that we will, communicate with you and your retailer using the contact information you have provided to us, including, without limitation, mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, cellular or mobile phone numbers, and sms (text message services). Communications may be for any purpose, including without limitation transaction-based communications, advertisements and other commercial communications, and collections.

Upon your request, we will (a) correct or update your information; (b) stop sending emails to your email address; (c) stop sending text messages; and/or (d) disable your account to prevent any future purchases through that account. You can make these requests at the customer information section of the Site http://www.thursdayplantationretail.com, or by telephoning 1877-353-3751, or emailing your request to info@thursdayplantationwholesale.com, or by fax 18178065006. You cannot opt out of receiving communications about orders you have placed or collections efforts; however, we will honor applicable laws and reasonable requests about how you wish to be contacted.

Please do not email your credit-card number or other sensitive information.


Our Intellectual Property

The url, domain, trademarks, trade dress, service marks, image and video content, text content, price information, and other material displayed on this website are the intellectual property of the website owners. Nothing contained on this website should be construed as a grant of any license or right to use or disclose the website owners’ intellectual property without the prior written permission of the website owners.



Because this is a portal for wholesale purchases by retailers, you are prohibited from linking to this website. You are welcome to share this website’s address with other retailers. The website owners are not responsible for the content of any site linking to this website. To the extent that this website links to any other website, the website owners make no representation or warranties as to the content or performance of such websites. Your use of or reliance on such websites is at your own risk.


Other Sites and Information

Other websites and sources of information may discuss Thursday Plantation products or similar products. However, you disclaim reliance on any representation or warranty that is not made on this website. You understand that “this website” does not include other websites that link to this website, that this website links to, or that offer Thursday Plantation or similar products, including other websites maintained by one or more of the website owners.


No Warranty as to Functionality

You acknowledge and agree that the website owners do not make any representation or warranty as to the functionality of this website. The website owners’ goal is to efficiently facilitate transactions so that your retailer can offer Thursday Plantation products for resale. If we experience a malfunction or failure, we intend to resolve it and to continue to earn your business. If you experience difficulty using our website, please contact us at 1-877-353-3751 or info@thursdayplantationretail.com.


Limitation of Liability

The website owners disclaim and shall not be responsible for any loss, liability, damage (whether direct, indirect, or consequential), personal injury, or expense of any nature whatsoever (“claims”), which may be suffered by you, your retailer, or any third party, that in any way, whether directly or indirectly, results from your access and use of this website. Without limitation, the website owners will not be liable for claims that relate to the unavailability, malfunction, or other error in or of this website, or failure to fulfill any order. The website owners will not be liable for claims that relate to data security breaches or inadvertent disclosures of information, except to the extent that applicable state or federal law prevents the waiver of such claims.


Conflicting Terms

More specific terms between you and any website owner will prevail over the terms herein. In the case of a conflict between the terms in different modules of this website, the specific terms governing a specific module will govern for that module. All non-conflicting terms will remain operative.



If part of these terms and conditions are found illegal otherwise unenforceable, the remaining terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect such that the original intent of the terms and conditions as a whole is preserved. Any offending part shall be modified to the minimum extent necessary to become enforceable such that the original intent is preserved.


Law, Jurisdiction, Arbitration, and Venue

The laws of the United States and of the State of Texas govern these terms and conditions and all conduct between you and the website owners; provided, however, that where a state requires the application of its own laws to a particular transaction or occurrence, you and the website owners intend to honor that law. In the event of a dispute, the parties agree to impartial arbitration according to the rules promulgated by the American Arbitration Association. The venue shall be in Tarrant County, Texas, or upon request another venue that is reasonable and suited to the convenience of each party. The courts of the United States shall have jurisdiction to enforce any arbitration award or settlement agreement, without restriction on venue.