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Can I use Thursday Plantation products range on my children?

Essential Oils: We advise not to use essential oils on children under 2 years old, and to use undiluted oil on children under 12 years old. This applies for our Essentials, Aromatherapy and Antiseptic & Anti-fungal range as well as for Tea Tree Cold Sore Cream. Skin patch test prior to use if concerned about sensitivity or using the product for the first time. To perform a skin patch test, place 1 drop further up the arm where the child is unable to lick or swallow the product. If any irritation, redness or sensitivity occurs, discontinue use.

All other Thursday Plantation products range are safe to use on children.

Are Thursday Plantation products suitable for all skin types?

Thursday Plantation products are suitable for all skin types. However, if you have specific concern, Thursday Plantation provides  different ranges that target specific skin problems, from acne to skin ageing.

Are Thursday Plantation products suitable for my sensitive skin?

Everyone is different and therefore, we advise to skin patch test products prior to use, especially for our Essential and Aromatherapy oil range.

To perform a skin patch test, place 1 drop on the wrist and leave for 24-48hours. If any sign of redness, itching, or irritation appears, discontinue using the product. For young children, we recommend to place 1 drop further up the arm where the child is unable to lick or swallow the product.

Are Thursday Plantation products suitable for vegans?

The Thursday Plantation range is suitable for vegans except for Tea Tree Lip Guard, which contains beeswax.

Does Thursday Plantation perform animal testings?

Integria Healthcare, the makers of Thursday Plantation, do not perform animal testing on any Thursday Plantation products.

Why isn’t Thursday Plantation a “Choose Cruelty Free” accredited company?

Since 2006 the Thursday Plantation brand now forms part of the Integria Healthcare company portfolio. Cruelty Free is a company accreditation, therefore all products sold by the company have to be reviewed, not just the Thursday Plantation products.  Since becoming one company, Integria Healthcare sells over 2000 products and has made the strategic decision not to apply for Cruelty Free accreditation due to the resource allocation required to complete the review.

This decision in no way changes the fact that animal testing is not carried out our products, merely that we have chosen to no longer seek this accreditation.

Does Thursday Plantation contain Palm Oil?

Where possible we choose to use ingredients derived from coconut, soybean, grapeseed or sunflower oils, however. Some Thursday Plantation products contain palm oil or palm oil derivatives.  Where such an ingredient is used,  it is sourced from sustainable palm oil plantations. Palm oil derived ingredients are used in Thursday Plantation  products to replace synthetic ingredients, moving forward it is our plan to replace even sustainable ingredients with other vegetable based ingredients.

I heard your company was purchased in the past few years. Is that true?

Thursday Plantation has been part of Integria Healthcare since 2006. Integria Healthcare is an Australian operated company which owns Thursday Plantation and other iconic Australian health brands, including Thompson’s, Eagle and Mediherb. Being part of Integria Healthcare is a great opportunity to help Thursday Plantation better deliver against our mission of producing high quality personal care products derived from nature’s oils, available to everyone, everywhere. The Ballina manufacturing facility remains at the heart of the Thursday Plantation production process. Our head offices are located in Brisbane and Sydney.

Are Thursday Plantation products gluten free?

There is no scientific evidence that demonstrates that topical products containing gluten should be  problematic for Coeliacs.  Coeliac Queensland states that topical preparations containing gluten will not affect those diagnosed with coeliac disease.
If you have Coeliac Disease and would like further reassurance, please call Coeliac Australia (Helpline 1300 458 836) or check with your local GP.

Thursday Plantation is an Integria Healthcare brand, a leader in natural healthcare solutions. Find out more about Integria Healthcare and their range of brands at

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